Voices from Sustainable Business

Buildings and carbon: We can change this madness

Sean Penrith, The Climate Trust

I recently met someone for coffee to talk about energy efficiency.

It turned out that my coffee mate, John, has plenty of very good questions about the role buildings can play in energy efficiency.

Tenant behavior: Green building's holy grail

LEED. Green Globes. Passive House. Earth Advantage. Net-zero.

There's no shortage of green building certifications, some demanding more rigorous energy use, water use and design standards than others. But are buildings green just because they include low-VOC paint and a rain garden?

PECI aims to give ‘invisible’ energy a more physical form

Phil Welker, PECI

For more than 30 years, I have worked in the field of energy efficiency, specifically in finding ways to save energy in both commercial and residential buildings. It is exciting, rewarding work.

Making Change: Ryan Temple on good woods

Mark Feldman with Sustainable Northwest Wood's Ryan Temple

Sound infrastructure investments will provide work for veterans

Nathan Sandvig

After more than a decade at war protecting our energy security interests abroad, the U.S. military is redeploying and downsizing significant forces into a politically dysfunctional and stagnant economy.